Alumni Association

We have grown stronger now !
Welcoming all our Alumnae in to our cherish-able fold !!

Soka Ikeda Alma (Alumnae Association) strives to empower alumnae through lifelong connections to Soka Ikeda College with the alumnae from across the country and around the world.

Start connecting with Soka Ikeda College today!

  • Update your information
  • Discuss a variety of topics, connect with alumnae and more on our Alumnae Bulletin Board
  • Have questions, concerns or comments? Don’t hesitate to contact our office at 9677717456 or email

We also invite you to:

  • Attend Ikedians Reunion day.
  • Learn about career services available for alumnae
  • Get to know our staff
  • Read up news about your college
  • Share your news

As you embark on your lives after graduation, please remember to let the Alumnae Association know your address, telephone number, or email address so that we can continue to inform you about campus activities and special programs.

Please know that the Association works very hard to protect all of the information you send us. We carefully monitor the method by which the College receives alumnae data and the policies governing its use. Many alumnae contact us with distinct requests regarding the management of their personal information. We are dedicated to respecting all of these requests.

You may use one of three methods to update your personal information (please be sure to include your name and class year when calling or emailing):

• Online:
• Update at +91 96777 17456
• Email:

The Alumnae Association is your doorway into many of the services and programs of the Alumnae Association. We invite you to visit the college website site for more information about the college.