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About Course

The Department of Accounting & Finance has been established in the year, 2019 with an aim to develop employable, innovative and diverse graduates to co-create value for society. The Department provides an environment to nurture students with high-level of knowledge and competence in the arena of Accounting, Taxation, Management and Financial services.

Vision “To empower young women of our society to face the challenges of modern business world with courage, commitment and integrity”.
Mission 1. To create a vibrant centre for education with innovative ideas and radical approach..
2. To ensure quality of education at par and focus on constant upgradation to meet the demands of the industry.
3. To impart value education to the students with subject knowledge derived from practical & factual approach.
Objectives 1. To develop accounting graduates with employability factor with high level knowledge & skills to cope up with the needs of the industry.
2. To help students become leaders by enabling them to unlock their potentials and discover their own capabilities.
3. To fulfill the expectations of our society by producing outstanding professionals with high ethical standards to stride forth as resourceful citizens.


S.No. Name of the faculty Designation Qualification Date of Joining Specialisation
HOD & Assistant Professor M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, CS, Ph.D, TNSET 12.06.2019 Accounting, Marketing & Statistics



S.No. Name of the faculty CONFERENCE/SEMINAR Title Place Date
1. DR.ANURADHA.B Conference on Innovation – a tool for sustainable business development A study on the influence of social media marketing tools on growing entrepreneurial interests among women in India Madras Christian College (Autonomous) 23rd & 24th September, 2019
    Presented and Published more than 10 Research papers in both National & International conferences held at various colleges in Chennai. Won 2 Best Paper awards for her research paper on Female Attrition & Digital learning in International Conferences held at JBAS College and Annai Veilakanni College Work-life balance, CSR, OCB, Female attrition, Talent management, Mobile marketing, Digital learning, Stress management MCC, Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College, JBAS college, DDGD Vaishnav College, Annai Veilakanni College, Sri Knyaka Parameshwari College 2015 to 2018


The Department of Accounting and Finance – Shift II had organized a guest lecture on “Path to professional success” for the students of B.Com (A&F) – Ist Year & B.Com (CS) – IIIrd Year students in Seminar hall on 19th September, 2019. The speaker for the lecture was Prof. Dr.K.N.Ramasamy, who is presently the director of RR Academy – An institution that is creating Accounting professionals like CA, CS, CMA, since 1993.

In his lecture, Dr.K.N.Ramasamy discussed the scope of pursuing various professional courses in accounting field. He insisted on the importance of building solid educational foundation for a successful career. He shared his own experiences to inspire students to take up professional courses along with their graduation for better employment prospects, job security & financial rewards. He further clarified students on the vital difference in the outlook of all three professional courses, i.e. CA, CMA and CS. However, the courses have similarity with regard to syllabus.

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