About Soka Ikeda College of Arts and Science

Soka Ikeda College of Arts & Science for Women, standing elegantly in a pristine locale, enclosed by beautiful greenery and a lovely lake, imparts value creating education for the empowerment of rural women. Established in the year 2000, the college provides congenial academic platform for the students. With the blessings of the God and the encouragement of the benevolent well-wishers the college celebrates its decennial year in the academic year 2009-2010. Laurels and achievements won by the college have strengthened its path all through these years.

The college strives for the over-all development of the student through academic excellence, moral rectitude, character- building and personality development. More than academic excellence, as proved by university ranks it has also won accolade and recognition in the form of “Institution of Excellence Award” accorded to it by the National Council of Gandhian Studies for the yeoman service it has rendered in the field of women’s education.

“Soka” is a Japanese word that means “to create value”. Soka education traces its origin to the ideas of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944) an innovative educator. In 1930 he introduced his profound theories in his work “Education for Creative Life”, which was the fruit of 30 years of his experience in the field of education. Soka education system is based on a fundamental respect for humanity and seeks to tap the student’s latent potential. His ideas were passed on to his successor, Josei Toda (1900-1958) and after him to Dr.Daisaku Ikeda, who founded the Soka school system in order to make their ideas a reality. Following the path of our mentor, Dr.Daisaku Ikeda, the honorary founder of our college, the mission of our college is to lead humanity towards virtue and peace.

Our Vision

SICASW aims to deliver university education to benefit and uplift the students and society through systematic knowledge assimilation and delivery, at all levels.

Our Mission

SICASW aims to produce knowledgeable and competent graduates, postgraduates and researchers with wholesome leadership qualities, by systematic teaching and training with regular and path breaking programmes and strategies.

Quality Policy

“We at SICASW are committed to nurture and deliver continually enhanced, global quality education with leadership qualities”

Founding Mottos

Be a person of compassion and wisdom to serve humanity.
Be a person of courage and justice to contribute to society.
Be a person of principle and commitment to work for peace.